An Open Letter to Women Who Yearn to Get in Touch with Their Inner Guidance and Intuition…

If there was a reliable way to tap into your inner guidance system without the deafening noise of self-doubt echoing around in your head, would you finally feel confident about achieving a divine connection to Spirit?

If you’re nodding your head enthusiastically, I have a special message for you…

You see, every day, countless souls deny themselves the experience of true joy in life, the joy that naturally comes with being in the flow of life, of living on purpose.

The important question is:

Are you absolutely, unequivocally living your life on purpose?

Whether you’ve read lots of books and articles, taken lots of personal growth courses, or worked with a therapist, counselor, or coach, your ability to experience personal freedom, power, and joy rests heavily on your answer to this question.

If you know WITHOUT A DOUBT that your mind-chatter and wishful thinking get in the way of you trusting your intuition…

Then keep reading…

Because what I have to share with you could easily be the most pivotal moment you look back on a few weeks and months from now when you call effortlessly on BOTH your intellect AND intuition.

You have both, so why not use BOTH?

But first…

I want to acknowledge you for your courage…

It takes a lot of self-awareness to recognize that you’re missing a strong connection to Spirit. AND it takes A LOT of courage to be willing and committed to doing something about it.

Now, rest assured that missing a strong connection to Spirit doesn’t mean you’re broken. Or something’s wrong with you.

But you’re probably feeling the pain of lacking this connection…

Does any of this sound familiar?

Things haven’t quite worked out smoothly. For all the inner work you’ve done, your inner guidance system is still “closed for repairs.”

You’ve proven that clearing your mind by slowing down and “thinking things through” doesn’t work.

And under pressure, your mind kicks into overdrive and steamrolls your intuitive powers.

You consciously lament that while your intuition is far more accurate than your mind, it speaks to you so softly that the noise in your head drowns it out.

With all your intense effort and deep commitment to growing yourself from the inside out, haven’t you earned the right to tap into your intuition on demand?

Well, actually, it’s not about effort; it’s about your birthright: As a card-carrying member of the human race, you DESERVE to be able to tap into your intuition on demand.

You deserve to know EXACTLY how to fully leverage your inner guidance system to make important, even life-altering choices and decisions.

You deserve to achieve a divine connection to Spirit any time and any place.

You deserve to feel that sense of power, freedom, and joy that comes with listening to your inner guide.

You deserve to be thoroughly used up living life on purpose.

But first, there are a few key things we need to let go of before we go on…

3 “sacred cows” that disrupt your divine connection to Spirit

"Change your thinking, change your life"

You’ve been taught to rely too much on this “sacred cow.”

And while this adage is true in its purest sense, it’s too simplistic to be of much practical value.

I’m all for identifying and letting go of limiting beliefs, disempowering thoughts, counter-productive decision-making, and self-destructive behaviors.

AND, I’m a champion for E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G your thinking to make room for tapping into your inner guide – the wellspring of divine energy and guidance.

You should be able to figure anything out on your own; otherwise, you're weak.

That’s just your ego talking. And while the ego serves a useful purpose, more often than not, it simply gets in the way, doesn’t it?!?

Who’s flying the plane here? You or your ego?

The way I see it, it’s your life and YOU get to choose.

Imagine for a moment… You take your ego out of the picture: What’s left? An instant hotline to the Divine! Instant access to harnessing the unlimited power and infinite wisdom of Spirit.

Since you can't measure intuition, it's not worth worrying about.

That’s about as wise as saying: “Because I can’t see electricity under normal circumstances, it must not exist.”

Just because you can’t quantify intuition, like you can with certain other forms of intelligence, doesn’t diminish its power and accuracy.

Think of it this way: “Your intuition is more powerful than the intellect but speaks so subtly, that it can be drowned out by the noise of the intellect.”

If you think that tapping into divine guidance is difficult or unreliable, you’re doing it wrong…

…Because when you learn – once and for all – how to get into the place in your body where your wisdom resides, you’ll finally…

So who am I to tell you all this?

Hi there! I’m Kerry Cadambi.

I’m clear that my calling in life is to help fellow Earth travelers get in touch with their inner guide and intuition. It’s a calling that I’ve felt drawn toward for decades.

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced that people easily open up to me, they feel safe with me.

It’s self-apparent that all of my life’s experiences – from health challenges to marital discord, from energy healing work to exploring past lives – have been a vital part of preparing me to live my life’s purpose.

“When I pass from the material world back into the purely spiritual world, I want to know that I’ve done what I came here to do and that I’ve helped others do the same.”

I hold the space of love and non-judgment for people. I know that magical, unseen powers are at work in you. And if you allow me into your world, I will show you how to plant, nurture and grow the seeds of peace, transformation, and limitless, unfolding possibilities in your life.

Kerry’s deep connection to spirit will help you to know yourself, your truth, and also find your own wisdom, power and gifts in a very embodied way. You feel it on the inside—it’s not an “in the head” thing. I feel it in my body and that’s what I love. It’s totally magical!
Mytrae Meliana

Kerry has amazing therapeutic and healing presence. She provides a safe space to do the deep work. I felt so reassured by her integrity and authenticity, especially her mantra to ‘do no harm’, and ‘do the highest and the best for everyone concerned.’
Susan Leisemer

Introducing the Divine Guidance Gateway: Six steps to fully align with your divine connection to Spirit

The Divine Guidance Gateway is an 6-week program during which I show you how to tap into your inner guidance and distinguish intuition from mind-chatter and wishful thinking. It empowers you to move forward more confidently and courageously with your life.

You’ll learn how to get the answers to your most important questions and make better decisions.

You’ll align and focus your energy on your greater purpose and start to experience more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.

You’ll find your inner compass and life direction.

You’ll learn to trust your decisions and choices. And have faith that the decisions and choices you’ve made are a part of your path.

Why Participate in the Divine Guidance Gateway Program?

There’s tremendous power and freedom that comes with doing the deep work to rewrite one’s history, to interpret one’s past in ways that bring greater understanding and meaning to one’s decisions, choices, and actions – past, present, and future.

Can I Give You a Quick Overview of the Divine Guidance Gateway Program?

Six core elements are interwoven throughout the Divine Guidance Gateway Program:

ENTER: Get into where wisdom resides in your body

ECOGNIZE & RELEASE: Listen deeply to uncover your body's messages, the inner calling of what longs to be transformed, healed and released, leading you to your highest truth

MBRACE: Reveal and embrace the things that hold you back so you can heal, transform, and step into your divine purpose

LIGN: Be, think and act from a plane of higher vibration

UNE IN: Tap in to Spirit on your terms at any time

MPOWER: Be inspired to put practical intuition to work for you every single day, from here to eternity

By tapping into the universal energy, I am guided to help you access your inner wisdom.

Together we listen deeply to what your body is telling you, uncovering the root causes which are calling out to be healed.

I’ll blend modalities for healing (such as Reiki) along with exercises to develop your intuition that are customized for your particular situation. In this way, I help to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into balance, leaving you relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

And every step of the way, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded, like-hearted people who offer their support, understanding, and encouragement!

Here’s how to get the most out of the

Divine Guidance Gateway Program

and get on the fast-track to connecting with Divine, higher-level Spirit guidance:

You can count on me to energetically support each and every one of you to the best of my abilities. I’ll aid the process by sending healing Reiki energy across time and space.

The 365-Day Divinely-Backed Guarantee

I’m so confident that your experience in the Divine Guidance Gateway program will be so exceptional that I’ll give you every penny of your money back if you don’t agree – for up to 365 days after you start the program.

On your honor, all I ask of you is that you show up, do the work, and let me help you along the way.

If you’ve done that and still haven’t gotten results, just send an email to and we’ll take it from there.

What will other people think of me?

Does what other people think of you really matter? Whose life is it anyhow?!?

As you move into aligning with your truth and accessing your inner guidance, and connecting with your Spirit guides, there may be people in your life who don’t understand this and are even fearful of it.

Like most things in life, nothing you say or do can change what they think. As you move along your path of spiritual evolution, moving ever upwards into your higher self, you may shed relationships that no longer align with being your best and highest self. And those relationships may actually block you from realizing your highest potential. So, letting them go is actually one of the most loving things you could do – for yourself as well as the other person.

Yes, sometimes it hurts, and it can make for difficult decisions. When you reach a point where you no longer put off making that decision, then that is what needs to be done.

Think of it this way: You have no control over what others think of you; what others think of you is their problem, not yours and you need not allow them to drag you down. In the end, it’s wise to remember that the judgment of others comes from their own baggage.

And who knows? When you raise your vibration, the people around you may be inspired to change as well. Be the change you wish to see in the world, right?!?

What is more important is that you listen to your inner knowing and stay on your own path of what is loving to you and others around you. So surround yourself with loving souls who resonate with your values and beliefs.

How will I know if this is working?

You‘ll know that this program is working for you when…

  • You start noticing synchronicities that are so extraordinary that you might have trouble believing if they didn’t happen to you
  • You feel a sense of calmness and certainty about your decisions and are more trusting that your path is unfolding exactly as it should
  • People start giving you compliments about your confidence, poise, and presence
  • You deal with change in these times of great upheaval and uncertainty with grace and gratitude
  • You’ll naturally see the bigger picture so that obstacles, problems, and challenges have less power to derail you or sap your energy and confidence

Just like working out at the gym, you typically start out with small steps. Intuition is the same. When your small steps eventually lead to bigger insights, breakthroughs, and even quantum leaps, that’s how you’ll know this is working for you!

I've been taught that I need to change my inner world (my beliefs, thoughts, and emotions) in order to see change in my outer world. Since the Divine Guidance Gateway Program is expressly intended to help me tap into my inner wisdom on demand, won't this cause conflicts if my beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are what hold me back?

Great question. But, no, not at all. In my experience and observation, engaging in deepening your connection to the Divine naturally releases limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions and replaces them with empowering and expansive ones.

Whatever has held you back, wherever you are starting from isn’t important. What’s more important is that you get started in the first place.

And that’s what I’m here for: To facilitate, guide, and support you on your magical journey of connecting with your birthright–your inner guide and intuition.

How is your approach and program different than channeling or even other programs that teach connecting to intuition?

As a child of the Divine, you possess tremendous powers that you can tap into faster than you can blink an eye. So you don’t need anyone telling you what decisions to make and what to do. Why should you when joy and your highest truth already reside within you?

Instead, I’ll guide you through exercises and practices to help you tap into the hotline directly to your divine Spirit guidance. I’ll be there to guide and support you through any challenges you may experience along your journey.

Just remember: You already have everything you need to connect deeply with Spirit. And there is no wrong way to do things. There IS, however, a right way: And the “right” way is the one that works for you; with my experience and intuition, I’ll help you get on the path that leads to your highest self!

Can I really do this in 6 weeks?

Yes and No. If you are willing to be open, do the exercises I provide and develop the habit of consistent practice, you WILL make progress. That said, there is always more work we can do.

The Divine Guidance Gateway helps you establish the foundation for forging ahead with confidence, grace, and enthusiasm, while ever perfecting your connection to your divine Spirit guidance.

Today marks the first day of accelerating your life-long journey of exploration, self-discovery, and ever-deepening connection to the Divine Guidance that is available to us for the asking.

But with my experienced guidance, the tools and exercises, and a loving, like-hearted community of support, you’d have to try hard to not make significant progress over the course of six weeks.

Instead of this program, why can’t I learn this on my own?

Of course, you can learn to get in touch with your inner guide and intuition on your own! After all, it IS your birthright.

I did a lot of this work on my own; mine was such a meandering path that it took me about 20 years to get to where I am today.

So, the answer is ‘yes,” you could do this by yourself. But it may be slower and harder going.

Plus, it’s often more helpful (and more fun!) when you can be part of a supportive, loving community where we learn from each other.

That said, if you’d prefer a faster, more direct route, I created the Divine Guidance Gateway program expressly for you.

Do you offer a guarantee with this program?

Yes, this program is divinely guaranteed! How could it not be? For details, look for the section above titled “The 365-Day Divinely-Backed Guarantee.”

Can you remind me of what I’m getting when I enroll today?

In this program, you’ll take small steps that are just right for where you are, you’ll practice consistently, and get personalized support from me as well as your group of like-hearted souls. Here’s a brief rundown on the framework of the course:

In case you have any doubts, the Divine Guidance Gateway Program is PERFECT FOR YOU IF…

  • You’re just getting started on the path to discovering your higher self and tapping into your inner wisdom, and you want to get off to a great start right out of the gates by using powerful, easy-to-follow exercises and practices.
  • You’ve tried but struggled in the past to connect to the Divine. This time around, you want to feel totally comfortable and confident about the approach you’re taking.
  • Whether you’re brand new or have tried other approaches, this time, you don’t want to go it alone or take any more wayward paths.
  • You have specific issues, problems, or challenges you are currently facing and you want to meet them with courage, power, and peace of mind.
  • You have a bucket list of long-standing dreams, hopes, and aspirations not yet fulfilled and you want to accelerate your progress toward these goals.
  • You have no problem investing a couple of hours a week in study and practice as long as you know that every bit of energy you apply brings you ever closer to reliably calling on your inner wisdom and intuitive powers.
  • You have a sense of the expanding and limitless possibilities that will invariably open up once you’ve started to unleash your intuitive senses, wisdom, and powers.

It deeply pains me to see otherwise brilliant souls struggle to find themselves and miss out on pursuing their highest calling in life.

So if you’re still here… let’s wrap up with one final heart-to-heart…

  • If you’re a woman who yearns to get in touch with your inner guide and intuition… The Divine Guidance Gateway is right for you.
  • If you’ve been on a sad, slow slide toward blandness…The Divine Guidance Gateway is right for you.
  • If you’ve ever wondered, “Is this all there is in life?”…The Divine Guidance Gateway is right for you.
  • If you’ve got your sights set on being all you can be and finding meaning in your life…The Divine Guidance Gateway is right for you.

If you’re ready, I look forward to partnering with you and Spirit to make this the most rewarding and impactful 6 weeks you experience this year.

With love,