Accessing the Divine Feminine: Connecting to Your Personal Power
June 13-16th, 2024

   2024, as Year of the Dragon, is forecasted to bring about opportunities, changes and challenges.

So how do you wish to meet the qualities and experiences of this year as your strongest and most resilient self?

By connecting to the Divine Feminine you can facilitate your ability to stand in your personal power.

When you have access to that power you are able to evolve, to grow in love and to be a catalyst for change.

This connection enables you to:

  • Find peace at your soul level 
  • Meet each day with ease, flow and grace
  • More easily recharge
  • Have a clearer sense of self and your path

Following the whisper of the Divine Feminine enables a dismantling of that which no longer serves and a giving birth to an unfolding divine energy personally and collectively in the world.

Come experience connection to the Divine Feminine and become the change in the world you wish to see.


Outcomes of this retreat:

• Autonomy

• Confidence

• Personal power over circumstances

• Ability to discern what wise action looks like in your life

• Experience of deep relaxation and greater resilience



“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” – Lalah Delia

“The personal power that comes from principle-centered living is the power of a self-aware, knowledgeable, proactive individual, unrestricted by the attitudes, behaviors, and actions of others or by many of the circumstances and environmental influences that limit other people.” – Stephen Covey

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“Before the retreat, I was upset, anxious and struggling with a co-dependent friendship. As a result of the retreat, I was able to let go of my shame and simply deal with the friendship – naming the pattern and saying good-bye. I am no longer contorting myself for her. The impact of this shift has given me more space and ease in my life.”

P. K.