The Game Changer – Volume 3:

Inspirational Stories That Changed Lives

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In the quiet moment that followed, I heard a small voice say, “By not forgiving him, you only poison yourself.”

Kerry Cadambi has been drawn for decades to help fellow incarnates connect with their inner guides and intuition.

She has learned in her experiences, that people around her have been able to connect on a deeper level. What that means is – her connections with people have allowed them to feel safe and comfortable to share even their darkest secrets and feelings.

She has been given a gift through her own personal growth work, that has helped her to develop deep listening skills and a compassionate and non-judgemental presence. Her life’s experiences—from health challenges to marital discord, from energy healing work to exploring past lives—have prepared her to live her life’s purpose.

Kerry believes every relationship is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and evolve into the best version of ourselves.

She has studied a variety of metaphysical and spiritual teachings. Kerry is a certified Shiatsu massage therapist, and is trained in the art of Reiki energy healing.

What she has noticed in her worldly travels is that so many people go about their days “firing on one engine.” By that she means they rely solely on what they can see and touch; they are unaware of the tremendous, untapped potential of Divine energy and intuition.

Kerry’s journey of personal growth and transformation has been anything but straightforward. It took her more than twenty years of twisting and turning on life’s roller coaster to discover and embrace her true calling: to guide and support remarkable women to connect with their inner guidance and intuition.

“When I pass from the material world, back into the purely spiritual world – I want to know that I’ve done what I came here to do and that I’ve helped others do the same.”

As an avid gardener, Kerry surrounds herself with the abundant beauty of nature. If you allow her into your world, she will show you how to plant, nurture, and grow the seeds of peace, transformation, and limitless, unfolding possibilities in the garden of your life.

Buy the book on Amazon!