Kerry: Dear Spirit guides in the highest light, I call to you to be with me today. Guide me and share your message.

Spirit: We are here with you, Dear One. Listen to this message today.

Build a bridge. Construct a bridge to enable you to travel, to aid your crossing from the side of the river with old beliefs and ways that no longer serve. Cross this bridge to the side of new ways of being that are loving and supportive of all.

What does it take to create this bridge? It takes the work of many, from all walks of life, all creeds, all races. This is a bridge that has been long awaited as the river of strife has kept people from crossing from the old to the new way of being. It serves all to have this bridge to enable this crossing.

And so, as in building any bridge, there are many steps. It is not created overnight if it is to remain a firm, strong bridge that will last for many years. This bridge requires planning on how best to: set the foundational pilings to support the weight of all that will cross, determine what materials will go into making this bridge, call in those who will toil in effort to create this crossway that will stand for eons, call in those with the training and understanding of what it takes to build this bridge.

It requires discussions with those who desire the crossing, those who are in need of moving from one place to the another. The designers of the bridge must converse with those who will use the bridge to make sure that all will work properly during the time of construction and that the end product will serve the need.

Choosing the bridge site is important. In what place will this bridge be set that will allow for maximum usability, for convenience, for easy flow?

And the materials that will be sourced and brought in, what are those materials? Those materials are the teachings. What teachings will be brought forth to create this bridge from the old ways that no longer work to the new ways of creating harmony and unity amongst all of humanity? It will be wisdom teachings, education for those workers who will create this bridge.

Who will provide these teachings? Who will these teachers be? The important goal is one of diversity. Diversity of viewpoints, of styles of teaching, of messages and lessons. The importance of this is due to the diversity of those who will be receiving, the students who will come to learn.

There is the construction period, which for a very large bridge and for all of the process that it takes, may be years in the making. This bridge crossing from the old way to the new way will require time to fully complete traffic lanes as paths for people to cross. This will take time, and the best time, if not started earlier, is to start today. Start Now.

What are the teachings that will help humanity cross this river of strife to reach the side of the land of love, compassion, community, unity that is so needed? That knowledge will come through inclusive discussions, through deep listening, exploration and discovery.

The planning, the procurement of materials, the teachers, the selection of builders, the site selection, are all part of the building process. Kick it off with a grand announcement, a fanfare, so that all are aware of the construction project that is underway. And all who desire to be part of its construction, whether by observing or participating, are all welcome.

Once this construction is completed, there must be a celebration. This will be the time to offer gratitude to all the beautiful, bright beings who brought this idea into the physical. Offer gratitude for all the seen and unseen who have supported this creation, allowing humanity to move from the old ways of being that no longer serve to the new ways of being that are built upon love, compassion, community, and unity.

May the festivities begin as a celebration of all who were part of this creation and to all who are crossing this bridge to reach the new side. And to all those in the future who will continue to cross this bridge to the new side, to the awakening, to the truth that we are all brothers and sisters on this Earth and that we are all here to serve, support and love one another.

Celebrate this awakening. Celebrate the community that comes together to create a new way of being. Know that this is possible. Great works have been done in the past and even greater works will be done in the future. This is the beginning. Look within to see what is yours to do to help build this bridge across the river of strife.

What talents do you have to add to this project? What voice can you lend to its creation? What materials and knowledge can you provide to aid in this bridge’s construction? What fellow humans can you connect with and bring together to work in community on this grand creation? For it is in the working together that makes this an even richer project and energizes it for all the good that it is to bring.

See what is your part in creating a better world. Strive to assist in some way in building this bridge. Know that it will support you on your path. Be grateful that it will support those you love to also live a more peaceful life of equality, compassion, love and community. Become a builder. Become all that you can be and live for this better future, for it is coming.

Be well Dear Ones.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)