Kerry: Dearest Guides in the highest light, be with me today and share your message.

Spirit: We are with you Dear One and delight in sharing our message with you.

Open to see the truth. It has been hidden from your view, and requires your effort to uncover it from the blanket of deception. Reveal it. Allow the light of truth to shine forth that all may benefit enlightenment.

Do not allow deception to reign with its dark intentions. The gift of this time is to open the hearts of all with compassion and understanding for those still residing in the shadows of fear and manipulation for self benefit at expense of others.

It requires courage, inner strength buoyed by highest moral values, and understanding of the unity of all to address inequities and unrighteous powers at play. Decide where you will stand today, for it will light your path of personal growth.

Will you choose to help others in the fight for equality of all?

Will you earn your merit badge on the journey of an evolving human?

Look to see what is yours to do today. Where is there need to stand soldierly in support of the downtrodden and abused? Where can you assist in support of providing resources where they may be few, be it clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, funding for safe housing, etc.

Know that you have come to this life with your own divine gifts. Share what you have, even if it be only your voice. All can give something in support of others: a voice, a prayer, an ear to hear with compassion. You, divine child, have gifts to share. Hide them not under a bushel.

This is the truth. Be it known you are all here in service of one another. What is done to hold back from another or mistreatment of another is done to self and own family. All are connected.

Humanity resides in one house, planet Earth. While planet Earth can be very forgiving, there are limits even to her resources and capacity to renew. Know the truth that abuse of her resources in the end determines health, even future existence, of humanity at large. She cries out for balance. Step back into the symbiotic relationship known to the ancients. Honor her bounty. Work in harmony with her nature that she may continue to sustain all life.

Know the truth. Uncover deception which speaks otherwise. Measure all deed by this yardstick: Does it serve the health of the whole?

Stand firmly in opposition to acts which serve the few at the cost of all others. Seek to speak the truth with compassion for those acting in fear which leads to greed and other unspeakable acts.

Uncover the deception that all may see the truth, to know there are better ways to serve the whole.

Look at all as your brothers and sisters. Have compassion for all, even those holding beliefs different from yours. Seek to understand the underlying motivations which may cause errant acts in opposition to the health of the whole. Seek to bring the truth to light that when all are taken care of equally, lovingly, fraternally, that all are better for it.

Open your heart on this mission to make planet Earth a place where humanity evolves to its highest pinnacle of unity, charity and love for all. Be strong. Have courage. Reveal divine truth for all to see.

Go forth in Love, with Charity and Fraternity toward all.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)