Kerry: Dearest Guides and Teachers in the highest light, I call to you, please share your message today.

Spirit: We are with you Dear One. Listen to this message for it will help you.

You are like the flowers in the field. Many and varied. Reliant on the sun and rain and soil for your sustenance. You have come as a seed with all inherent qualities and potential hidden within. Invisible to the outside of what will become manifest with proper care and setting.

How are you like these flowers? You too came from seed. The seed of each parent coming together to create the zygote that became you. You came from this seed, buried in the soil of the womb during germination time, unseen to the outside world the manifest potential that you were to become. Quietly growing in that space, preparing to break through in readiness of outer growth in the world.

As the flower seedling breaks through topsoil to begin a new phase of growth in its local environment, so too does the newborn baby that is you. That seedling is reliant on the fertility of the soil, the quantity of water and amount of sun it receives. So too does the infant rely on its local environment of parents and family to provide sustenance, care and safety.

There is untold potential within the plant for vibrant health and growth. But lack or a harmful event can curtail the full manifestation of its inherent potential. Even then, the divine creation that is this plant can overcome given the opportunity. The events do not change the truth of what the plant is, it only temporarily effects how the plant shows up in the world. Though its growth may be stunted, or leaves drying and dropping, there still lies within the plant the potential for its full glory should it receive the resources required.

Realize that you are like this plant in need of full resources to fully bloom in all your divine glory. You were planted and grown in a given environment. Your growth (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) was initially affected by this environment. Maybe you were provided the sufficiently rich soil of safety of home and family. Possibly you received the sufficient rain of nutrients required in the form of food. It could be that you received plenty of the sunshine of love showered upon you. But what if any of these resources were limited in some way, resulting in less than full manifestation of your potential ? What then?

The beauty of you as a human being is that you have awareness, flexibility, and ability to change your environment and affect the resources available to you.

If the love wasn’t sufficient enough to resource you, then begin to love yourself. As you begin to fully love and appreciate yourself, you grow the potential to manifest what is truly yours to have and to be in this life.

If your local environment is not suitable to full fruition of your blooming, seek to know what can change. Is it a living space that is not suitable. Is it the company of others of like mind and higher order values and intention that are to be sought out? Is there a need to spend more time in nature to fill your reservoir?

What if your body is not receiving the nutrients it needs to function at its highest and best? Look to what this physical vehicle, your body, requires for optimal functioning. Eat wisely; fresh, local, clean food. Eat in right quantity to not overload the body with processing requirements. Hydrate well with plenty of pure water. And just as important is to allow plenty of rest in the form of sleep and downtime for relaxation. These are what the body requires for optimal performance, providing the physical energy for full mental and emotional processing.

You are the flowering plant and this fully manifest bloom is the gift you bring to this world. Your gift is as beautiful and necessary as all other blooms in creation today for it is the abundance of flowers in bloom which creates the stunning landscape rich with creative potential. No one flower is more or less beautiful or more or less important than all the others. All stand together and sway together with seasonal wind and weather. They naturally support each other as they adjust to climate. And so too may you support and be supported by others.

After full bloom, these lovely flowers set seed, imbuing their full potential in each seed. And then they release said seed into the world to continue the process of creation and manifestation of the divine beauty of life. You are this flower; blooming, manifesting beauty, setting and sending the seed of your gifts further out in the world for the divine benefit of all.

Choose today to fully nurture the plant that is you. Cultivate your full bloom. Bring into the world the full manifestation of your divine gifts to share far and wide to the benefit of all of humanity.

How will you choose to bloom today?

Go forth in Love, with Charity and Fraternity toward all.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)