Kerry: Dear Spirit Guides and Teachers in the highest light, please join me today and share your message.

Spirit: We are with you Dear One.

Freedom. All people long for freedom. Freedom of expression; be it with words, ability to move about when and where they like, or ability to be with and love whom they choose.

This incarnated life is one grand opportunity to exercise freedom of expression. To taste all its flavors. To experience restriction and to exercise free will around how to address it, discerning when and where to make change. Living the consequences of choices and actions is part of the learning which accompanies freedom of expression.

Freedom to express thoughts and beliefs through the spoken word is a right in many parts of the world. Yet there are still places where there is restriction in some form or specific to some peoples.

What is theirs to do? They may try to make change from within the system. They may speak their truth of the situation and request assistance on all levels, and from many outside sources. In this action they may open the eyes of those who’ve not see the injustices. They can make a difference by becoming a catalyst for change.

Help those whom you see struggling with injustices. Listen to their voices, their message. Take action in whatever way you are able to support freedom of expression for all people regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, or age.

Freedom of expression extends to how we decide to show up in the world. The form of dress we choose and how we cover, or not, our body. Where and how we choose to live; urban or rural, richly or simply, rooted in one place or moving about freely. These are all personal choices. They reflect who we are and are a part of how we choose to learn in this life.

What will our experience be if we choose to live an urban life? Learning to live in a more densely populated community, with opportunity to learn co-operation, communication, and acceptance of differences may be the lessons provided.

What will the experience be if we choose rural life? Learning to co-exist with mother nature, greater independence/self reliance, and appreciating the rhythms of mother nature may offer lessons for growth.

All forms of expression are useful. They provide lessons to round out our self. To recognize the variety in life. To accept that others choices are right for them. There is no right of wrong.

Freedom of expression, whether in word or action, may be personal but still must consider the whole. As with all things, there are consequences, these are the teachings that life so richly offers up.

When expressing your ideas and beliefs through action, it is wise to consider how it affects others, both sentient and non sentient beings. The maxim “Do no harm” is of prime importance and the minimum expectation. Does it add to something greater, advancing ideas or resources for the betterment of humanity and Mother Earth?

If the expression does not meet these ideals then consequences may come to bear as lessons for teaching what may be done better.

When expressing through the spoken or written word – put it to the test of: Is it True? Is it Kind? Is it Necessary? Does your word serve a higher purpose? Is it shedding light on wrongs to be righted? Does it bring to light the hidden errors in systems? Will it call out what needs to change and how to better serve all? Have purpose in what you communicate. Hold the intention that your word serve a higher, more divine purpose.

Freedom of expression should be available to all, in all forms. But for this to truly work for all, these expressions must come from a loving heart. A heart that is comfortable with itself and only desires the best for all. Only when people recognize and truly understand that what they do to others they ultimately do unto themselves (this is the law of interconnectedness, of unity) will they be able to express from a place of love, full with charity, compassion and fraternity. This is the world we aspire to. It is possible.

Do your part. Enjoy a freedom of expression that is guided by love and compassion for all. Measure your expression against the guidelines of truth, kindness and service to all. When you stumble over the consequences of imperfect expression, pull your self to standing with the teachings provided and begin again on your path.

Go forth in Peace, Love, and Inspired Action


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)