Kerry: Dearest Guides in the highest light, speak to me today.

Spirit: Dear One, we are with you to share our message of hope and light.

Though it may feel like the darkest of times, you are not alone. Nor do events occur without purpose, as they are part of a greater plan.

So how can you choose to shift your perception of an event from one of darkness to one of hope for enlightenment?

Look for the good which comes even during such an event. What actions are people moved to take which indicate the positives? More connection with others, a deep and real connection. Acts of service with no expectation of return. Greater sense of love toward all, including the planet.

Take this time for quiet reflection. Go inward. Listen deeply. What messages do you receive? What is yours to do in this time of change? How will you shift your perception to the benefits, the light shown, through changes required of you. How can you show up differently, for yourself and for others?

Widen your perspective beyond self and family. Recognize the choices you make today, the actions you take, affect others you may never know, both immediately in your community and over time in a larger space. Just as a small virus beginning in one place can spread, affecting all throughout your planet.

This current event has forced people to consider others beyond themselves, whether by choice or by governing decree. It has shone a light upon the inequities and imbalances inherent in current systems.

It has provided a great show of the differing ways systems react and respond to challenges. Is the focus on the material aspects? Is the focus on care for the greater good? It is money based? Is it love sourced?

This event provides in a compressed timeframe a view of all possibilities, a show of how the different flavors of systems respond in their own way and what consequences result.

What system do you choose to live within? Hopefully one that cares for each individual equally. No one likes to be left out in the cold, deemed not worth saving due to age, health or resources.

This current event is an opportunity to evolve to a higher plane of connectedness. To see that one small action in one part of the Earth creates pandemic this is, though unfortunate, proof that we are all connected physically in some way. But too know there is energetic connection.

Imagine coming from a heart space of generating high frequency Love. Now intentionally expand that Love outward with the intention of vibrating vibrant health to all beings in your vicinity. Then expand further out to cover your town, then state, then country. Continue to charge your heart energy, generating such a high vibration that you can encompass the entire globe, sharing, surrounding, and imbuing all with the healing properties of Love. There is enough for all.

Spend some time each day in service to your own growth and healing. Intentionally connect to all with your heart generated Love frequency. It is time for all humanity to be in service to one another, that all are cared for equally. You make a difference.

View this time as an opportunity for evolution of perception. How will you change? How will you act to positively affect others?

Go in Peace, good health, and Love.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)