Dearest Guides in the highest, I call to you to be with me and share your wisdom.


We are here Dear One. Listen now.

The greatest desire of all humanity is to Love and be Loved.  Yet there are so many impediments to achieving this desire.  Messages received as youngsters, whether by word, deed or modeling, may suggest that one is not lovable or deserving of Love.  Know that the resulting held belief can be healed.

Experiences as an adult may re-affirm childhood messages that we’ve physically incorporated.  We hold beliefs on a cellular level within the body.  These become root causes to all sorts of ills, imbalances, and unhelpful behaviors and actions.

What begins as a belief becomes rooted in the body. These root causes often lie beneath one’s conscious awareness.  They can easily be discovered by an awareness of what triggers one into an imbalanced emotional state such as anger, anxiety, fear or depression.  

The trigger is a pointer to a deeper root cause calling out to be healed.  

To find Love, and be in Love, can be an opportunity to bring awareness to root cause beliefs ready to be healed. We find in one another the vibrational frequency of held beliefs that we are given opportunity to notice and heal.  

Deep discussions, disagreements and spats provide the rich fruit of awareness that point to root causes.  IT. IS. A. GIFT.  Accept the gift.  Use it to look inward, explore what is ready to be released and transformed.

Love, whether in partnership, familial, or within friendship allows for this gift of discovery and healing.  For it is in this connectedness of a Love relationship that we care enough to listen deeply and to affect change to protect and maintain the relationship.  Without the benefit of Love one may choose to walk away and thus lose the opportunity for inner healing.

Look at all relationships as a gift of discovery, pointing you to potential areas of personal growth.  Allow the mirror of another to move you forward towards perfection.

Love is the highest form of insight.  It allows for the deepest reflection.  It leads one toward perfection in all parts of life.

Be open to the gifts of love.  Give and you will receive.  Allow for the transformation of root causes.  Align with your divine perfection. Live Love

Go in peace and with Love.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and to open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)