Be glad of heart.  This is where it starts.  Not in the mind, not in your thoughts.  It is in the feeling of your heart wherein begins all good things.

It is a font of wisdom; a second brain with a true knowing of what is right for you.  Have you ever sensed that  your body knew the answer before your mind?  This is why.

Leave thoughts aside.  They can be noisy impediments to hearing/feeling the true knowing that comes from your heart. “How do I do this?” you ask. By quieting the mind through meditation, breathing exercises, or walks in nature. 

Then send your awareness to your heart space.  Feel into your heart space with the intention of love. 

Imagine filling your heart space with a joyful love that fills the space and continues expanding outward. It may seem difficult at first, unknown, maybe even uncomfortable. Be with these feelings. And remember love.

Keep inviting love into that heart space, without any expectations, just allowing. Keep practicing, even if it only feels like a small kernel of love in the vast heart space. Know that it can grow. You are the gardener. Keep watering it with your attention.  Sprinkle it with rays of sunny joy. Now watch it flourish, growing into a joy filled, expansive love filling your heart space and expanding ever outward.

Be with this heart space, feeling and exploring. It may be a space you’ve not yet spent time in. Explore. Be curious. Feel. But most of all, remember love.  

When this space is filled with the exquisite vibration of love, all vibrates to that highest potential. This is what you seek. Know it is yours to access, nourish and to grow in.

Go with peace and grace in Love.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)