Kerry:  Dearest Guides in the highest light, I call to you today.

Spirit: We are here Dear One, to share messages of Love, hope and light.

Be one with all. Recognize your part in the cosmos. Nothing exists in isolation. When the wings of a butterfly flap it creates movement in the universe, a breeze in the local physical and an energetic shift at a distance.  We may not always be aware of the consequence of all movement, act or thought (which is also a form of energy).

Be aware of every word, thought and deed you put into the world, for its effects may be far reaching although invisible to you. Imagine that whatever you create is a seed you plant in your garden.  Energy in any form by your actions is like the water you give to your garden and those seeds.  

What do you desire to grow in your garden? What fruit do you care to produce for the world to see and experience? Shall you cultivate a floral bounty to bring joy to the hearts of all that can see and smell?  Do you endeavor to weed your garden of things which overtake your intentional plantings?  

Allow the water of Love and good intentions to reach the roots of your plantings. Tend your garden of words, thoughts and actions with Love, high intention, compassion and generosity.  Create a fecund source and supply that nurtures all beings.  Allow the energy of this creation to inspire others.  Create a divine goodness that ripples outward, opening the hearts of others to similar behavior and action.

Know that what you begin at home can have far reaching, positive benefit across the planet.  Bring more loving energy and intention in to the world.  Tend to your internal and external gardens and create a movement worthy of spreading universally the high energies of Love, compassion and charity.  

Know that what you do at home has far reaching effects.  Be a generator of these energies.  Be an active agent of change.  Be the light you are meant to be in this life.

Go in Love, peace and grace.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)