Benefits of Connecting to Divine Spirit Guidance

“Why should I connect with Spirit?” you may ask.  The answer: for divinely guided messages, for loving and wise guidance.  And it’s available all the time, easily at your disposal 24/7, as the saying goes.

But you want to know “why is this better than just thinking about things and finding my own answer?”

When we think, we are using the mind.  The mind is our thoughts, in our head.  These thoughts are from programming we’ve been subject to in our life, either through what we’ve been told, or taught, or our very own experiences.  What we’ve stored based on those “truths” and experiences may not be the universal truths that truly serve our unique soul.   Here’s an example:

Imagine you are a small child and you see something that you really, really want.  You ask your parent for this thing, you even plead for it.   Your parent says “No”.  But not just a simple ‘No’, they add on the message “that’s frivolous”.   From this seemingly innocuous comment you store the message that you don’t deserve frivolous things, that life is all work and no play, or that such things are unreachable/unattainable by you – even though you may see others who have that very thing that you desire.

This message actually becomes a part of you.  Not merely a transient thought but a subconsciously stored memory on a physical level, to be triggered and brought up each time you see something you really, really want.  And the crazy part is, you probably don’t even realize that this programming is running in the background, under the radar of your consciousness.

So, how do you get way from this?  How do you access answers to questions you have, get guidance when you feel lost or unsure of what direction to take and to not have your decision colored by this unconscious programming?  This, my dear friend, is where divine Spirit guidance can step in.  It can  help you process from a place high above that programming which doesn’t serve you in the highest and the best.

When you connect to your divine Spirit guidance, it is operating outside that physical body with all it’s programming.  It is operating from a higher plane which knows your divine purpose in this incarnation.  It guides you lovely down your unique path, never asking you for more than you are capable.  And this guidance always allows you your free will. It is for you to decide what you will do, given the information you‘ve been given.  You can choose to operate under this guidance or not.  You can receive the guidance, and choose to follow it or not.  It’s your choice, you are in the driver’s seat.  It’s that easy and that flexible.  You remain in control (at least that is what your mind wants to think).

Often, when we have to make a decision about how to deal with an issue or move forward with something, we may have an off balance emotional response or an emotional connection to a certain answer.  And we all know that emotion is connected to erroneous beliefs, to (sometimes irrational) fears, and to Ego.  Is that the best jumping off point to making a decision? I think NOT !

Connecting with your divine Spirit guidance provides access to a font of pure, unadulterated by emotion, wisdom.  It is like making a decision with a clear mind, unclouded by emotions, fears or unhelpful beliefs. This wisdom comes from a place of peace, of compassion and of Love.

When you can make decisions from this place, free of unbalance emotions you, my friend, will move into a life lived on your purpose/path/mission and it will flow with greater ease.

This is your opportunity to rise above the petty emotions, silly decisions, the unhelpful choices which lead you wrongly and cause disturbances along your path and in your life.  Doesn’t that sound delightful?  Isn’t that what you want more of?  YOU can do this.  YOU can connect with your divine Spirit guidance to live a life of empowered purpose, with ease and flow.

Just set your mind to it.  Set this intention to connect and begin practicing today, and everyday. The process will become easier and more natural.

Welcome to this new way of being; your new operating system, your connection to your divine Spirit guidance.