How to Connect to Divine Spirit Guidance

It is always there for you. Available. Reachable.

Begin by setting your intention.  What would you like to have happen?  What is it that you want to know? 

Just as when you would ask another person a question, you will want to boil your inquiry down to a clear and concise question.  Laser focus your request.  This is as much for you as it is for Spirit.  Know what you want.  Be clear.  Put it in a box, wrap it neatly, finish it with a bow.  You now have your gift of inquiry ready to pass to spirit.  Neatly wrapped and tied with a bow.

Now make time to connect.  Prepare yourself; mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Mentally you have already set your intention of what you will ask.  Next is to prepare your mind to be receptive for the answer.  Sit quietly, imagine that you have presented the gift and now you await a response.  You know in your head the gift was received, and you know that a response is forthcoming.  Wait in the patience of that knowing.  Be open that it will come, and to how it will come, and even to when.  Know that you will receive it at the right time, in the right way, because you are open and receptive. 

How do you know you are receptive? 

Begin by laying aside any judgement, of self or of this process.  Know that judgement isn’t helpful, it doesn’t serve you in the highest.  Image opening the crown chakra at the top of your head.  Imagine it to be a large receiver.  It glows with a golden white light of higher receptivity.  You have just opened shop to receive your guidance.  Feel gratitude in your heart for the gift of receptivity. Knowing this allows you connection to your divine Spirit guidance.  You are now mentally ready to receive.

What is required to be emotionally ready to receive? 

The emotions lay within the body.  They may be attached to ego or to trauma from life experiences.  At times these emotions may get in the way of connecting and receiving your guidance.  What can you do?  Raise your soldiers of awareness.  Search out those emotions which become blocks to your connection.  When you are working to connect with your guidance, to hear divine messages, notice how you feel in moments you are unable to make that connection.  Where in your body is the disturbance, the imbalance, the stuckness?

Send your soldiers of awareness to that space to notice what it finds.  Be with it.  Honor it for the good it intends for you .  Now ask what it intends for you, what is its purpose? Maybe it intends to keep you safe.  And maybe this behavior or action did keep you safe at some point in your life. But now is different. And now it no longer serves in your highest interest.  Seek to find the truth of what is best for you.  What do you know that is true?  Send love to this space.  Honor what it has done in the past for you but seek to draw it into the current truth.  Let it know you will work together toward a higher and healthier purpose.  It is a healthy partnership, no longer based on trauma but on love and truth.  When you sense a shift, then you have moved into a mental readiness toward connection to your divine Spirit connection.

Your physical being is the heaviest attachment you have in this world, the most material aspect.  It can easily distract you. Becoming physically ready to connect is about making conditions ripe for the connection.  The best way to do this is to find a space where you may not be interrupted during this process.  Find a seated position that is most comfortable for you.  Use your breath, deep and slow breathing, to settle physically in to the space.  Use the breath to ground yourself, sending your awareness into your body.  Sit. Breathe. Surrender. Let go. 

As much as possible, allow your awareness to reside in your heart space, in the center of your chest. Breathe this heart space into an expansive state.  Imagine the sense of love, growing, expanding outward.  Outward beyond your chest, beyond the outer limits of your physical body. Allow it to expand out and fully fill a bubble like field around you.  Sit in this energy for a few moments.  Within this divine and loving field of receptivity, this higher vibration field, you are now ready to connect to your Spirit guidance.

With love in your heart and grace on your lips, ask your question. Request their guidance, present the gift of your request.  Follow this with gratitude and surrender to what will come and what will be known.  Knowing that you are supported lovingly at all times.  allow for the process to work.  Be open to a  divine time of delivery.  And practice often this connection.  Sit in the energy of this practice.  Know that you are deserving and capable of receiving.  Practice.  Practice this divine connection.

Go in peace, be in love.