Kerry: Dearest Guides in the highest light, be with me today, share your message.

Spirit: We are with you Dear One. With open ears and open heart receive our message.

We come to you to share tidings of joy and love in this holiday season.

This is a message for all peoples, regardless of creed. We are all one, walking a path to our highest purpose, each in our own unique way.

Appreciate each person for their individuality, for the way they bring joy and love into this world.

Imagine a world with only one flavor of ice cream. How uninspiring that would be, for those making the treat as well as for those enjoying it.

Imagine humanity as a grand array of flavors and colors of ice cream. The maker, the creative element in each person as they walk their personal path, allows for unique creations rich in variety.

This variety allows for experimentation of new experiences and ideas. All enabling joyful expression and a coming closer to a version of the highest order – GOD.

Imagine all of humanity joyfully experiencing their chosen flavor and sharing their favorites with those close to them. Sharing food together is an expression of love.

As flavor preferences vary by geography, culture and season, we can enjoy varying expressions of this love, in food form, just as we can appreciate varying expressions of each individual path to the highest. There is no one right or wrong flavor, only different expressions, merely different ingredients added to the milk base of human expression of the divine.

Be open to experiencing new and different flavors on your life path. Be curious to the joy these flavors bring to those who favor them. Recognize the beauty in the variety of many paths to highest good.

Express your joyful flavor with humanity. Share your love even with those who favor a flavor different from yours. Enjoy each persons unique expression in this world, all with a common purpose to express their highest good and reach their highest purpose.

Exclaim joy in this season. Love all humanity in their creative variety.



(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)