Kerry:      Dearest Guides and teachers in the highest light, be with me and share your wisdom.

Spirit:      We are here Dear One.  Ask your question.

Kerry:      How best shall I respond to the question: “Is he too good to be true?

Ah, the age old question of love….let’s start with this:

When discerning whether a given person is the right person for you, for a long term intimate relationship, you must first do two things:

  1. Go inward on an internal exploration of what you want.  Explore your values and what is most important to you.  Identify your top values.  Some examples may be: honesty, integrity, compassion, good work ethic, strong family values, financially responsible, charitable.  Once you have your top values, understand for yourself why those are important to you and how by living those values your life, and the lives of those around you, are enhanced.
  1. Now that you are clear on your values, begin a discussion with your partner to explore what are their values.  Inquire why these values are important to them.  When the conversation feels complete, then share your own values exploration experience.  You may both decide to add something to your list you realized is also important, that was brought out by the other.  You might recognize areas that are incongruent between you.  This offers an opportunity to explore what is important to each of you.  And to decide if there are areas of personal growth you each would like to embark upon in order to bring your best self into the relationship.  It is also a good time to recognize whether the partnership is not a good fit for a long term relationship….allowing you each the opportunity to go your own way in an amicable fashion.

It is of prime importance to know ourselves deeply before entering into a relationship.  Only then can we have clear and fruitful conversation with others about what is most important to us, not only in relationship, but in life.  Truly aligned partners will traverse life’s highway enriched by their individual and joint maps for their journey.  They may occasionally hit potholes, run out of gas, or have a flat tire.  But when well aligned, they are empowered to meet theses challenges and become stronger together by the experience.  If they are clear on their values, their internal roadmaps, they have a constant compass for direction, easily re-aligning should they temporarily wander off on a side road.

Intimately know your own values.  Be clear in partnership of each others values and strive to align your values to achieve a relationship with a smooth ride and far reaching effects.  You will be happier with a partner who reflects your values, as you will be them and theirs.

Now if you still question whether the relationship is the “right one”, again you must look inward.  Are you holding on to some limiting belief?  Some beliefs which can sabotage a relationship may be: “I always screw it up”, “I’m not safe in a relationship”, “I don’t deserve this person”, “I’m not good enough”, “It will never work”, “I don’t want to have to give up _________”.

It’s time to fully look at any limiting belief, recognizing that it may have served a purpose for you at some point, but now that belief limits you from living your best life.  Know it is possible to shift any limiting belief. Find assistance to make this change so the you can live a more whole and happy life.

Root out those things which hold you back and step in to your true lightness of being so that you may shine Dear One.  Shine.  

We are here to be in relationship.  It is how we learn, how we grow.  Do not miss this opportunity to know yourself more fully through relationship, in many forms, with others.

Go forth in love, peace and grace.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and to open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)