Kerry: Dearest Guides in the highest light, I call to you to share your message with me today.

Spirit: We are here with you Dear One.

Love is a topic that once explored opens doors to a desire to know it more deeply. There can never be too much Love. And there is enough Love to go around. All are deserving of Love. They need only to open the doors of their heart to its warm presence.

Invite Love in. Sit with Love at the hearth of your heart. Converse with Love to know all it desires to impart to you. Be thankful and grateful for the presence of this Love energy in the world. And know that the more of Love you give outwardly, the more you receive in return.

What is this Love energy? How do you recognize it? And what can be done to call more of it into your life?

What is Love? It can be thought of as an emotional feeling as it is experienced physically as an emotion. It is also an energetic presence, for there is an energy field of Love, a higher vibratory pattern. It is fluidic in that it can flow energetically from one person to another, whether they are in close proximity or at great distance from one another.

The Love energy is expansive. It can be felt within the body, as a sensation of warmth in the heart. It can also be felt as a field of Loving energy that can encompass wide swaths of space.

Love has been described as “that warm and fuzzy feeling”. You can recognize your body’s response to Love as it relaxes. Breathing and heart rate may slow. A sense of happiness may envelop you. A feeling of comfort, of being seen for who are are, or an overall sense that all is right may come over you.

The higher vibratory pattern of Love is a sense of being. There is no exchange to be made. It is not conditional. It comes from a source of endless supply. It is yours for the asking from source and by opening you receive it.

Often people think of Love as a merely human phenomena to give or receive. It is true that Love can be given from one person to another. It can be communicated verbally, expressed physically or implied by action.

Many people feel the Love they receive from their pets or other animals. Sometimes you feel an automatic feeling of Love well up when you see babies of any sort, or other images that speak to you of Love. This is why social media posts of animals and babies are so popular. They provide that instantaneous hit of Love vibration. What a beautiful way to receive a dose of Love everyday !

Receiving Love can be life giving, but giving Love can generate even greater returns. Sending Love out into the world is a gift to humanity, to help lift all and make a difference in the lives of those who may not immediately be able to help themselves.

You can be a generator of Love energy, sending it out in to the field, to be available to all. As you raise your vibration you affectively raise the vibration of the unified field which is accessible to all.

This Love energy is self healing while also expanding outward to serve a higher purpose. You can set your intention to connect with high order source energy Love, calling it into your personal field. After sitting with it for some time you can then intend its expansion outward to be in service to others. You may pray for others in this process.

You can also expand your experience of Love through outward action in the world. Random acts of kindness express Love. Being in service to others in need is an expression of Love, as are words of affirmation.

Endeavor to experience the higher vibration of Love daily. Try allowing in and opening up to the variety of forms in which Love may show up for you.

Seek ways to express this higher order Love outward for the benefit of all. You will see your life change for the better as your perception of the Love field and its availability to you always expands.

Go forth with Loving heart and intent. Be well.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)