Kerry asks: Dearest Guide and Teachers in the highest light, I call to thee to be with me.

Spirit responds: We are here Dear One, to share our message of light and Love.

Be open to all that is before you, to the majesty of this glorious place that is Earth.  It is your home and your sanctuary.  It supports you living in the physical.  It literally gives you life;  from the oxygen you breath, to the water you drink, food you eat and divine energy you absorb from nature.  It all supports you.

Take care of all that supports you.  This is a symbiotic relationship.  For each part to support the others requires a balance.  Mother Nature, as you call it, is a natural at bringing things back into balance when left of its own accord.

Learn to work in partnership with Mother Nature and your living Earth.  Your life depends on this. Find balance in all things: the resources you use and what you put back into Nature.

Spend more time in nature, become in tune with the Earth.  Create a relationship with nature which helps you to understand, from a visceral place, what you are being called to be and do in regards to serving as a voice for Mother Earth.

Help others to awaken to Mother Earth’s need for balance in all things.  Help them to understand the symbiotic relationship we must live with our Earth.  Our survival depends on the health of our home.

The closer relationship humans can have to nature, the greater degree to which they will understand the vital link we have, and to recognize the beauty of all living beings. We are a small part of a greater whole.

True experience in nature offers a greater capacity to recognize the miracle of Mother Earth, Mother Nature’s natural balances, and the symbiotic relationship of all on this planet.

Be one with nature. Connect with Mother Earth.  Honor Mother nature.  In all that you do, serve to remind yourself of its majesty and magic.  And do your part to ensure the health of our home, planet Earth.

Go in Peace, Love and Grace.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)