Kerry: Dearest Guides and Teachers in the highest light, be with me today to share your message.

Spirit: We are here Dear One. Listen closely that we may guide you toward your highest potential.

Enter the field of potential. This is the place, the space, where you can manifest your ultimate desires and become your highest and best self in service to the world.

What is this field of potential? It is a space which exists everywhere and at all times, ever accessible. It is an energy field malleable by our thoughts, emotions and desires. It is the seed place of beginnings to anything possible. It is where intent can morph to materialization in our physical world.

It is a fluidic field of energy potential. Think of it as a field prepared for planting of crops. It is ready and fertile. Ready to accept the seed of the desired crop. With great care, the gardener places the seed in the soil at right depth and space, in a place where it receives optimal sunlight and available to water.

The seed is planted, it is not then abandoned to chance but continues to be cared for by the gardener. Care is given to reduce pests, eliminate competing plants or weeds, and provide ample water and feeding. It is tended carefully to its fruition, and one day the gardener is able to harvest the fruits of their labor.

It seems miraculous to look at a small seed and imagine the inherent potential for growing into its mature state. Your thoughts are like this seed; seemingly small, inconsequential, not much to look at, but they have great potential when planted and cultivated in the divine field of potential.

What crop do you desire to cultivate and harvest from the thought seeds you plant in the field of potential? Plant carefully, thoughtfully. Big results can come from small seed. Remember the large oak tree that grows from a small acorn !

What seed do you want to plant in the field of potential?

Notice your thoughts and feel your heart’s desires. What is your heart singing out to do and be, that desire which serves you in the highest and is your gift of service to the world?

Take that small seed of desire and with loving intention plant it in the energetic field of potential – however you imagine it to be.

Sit within this energetic field for a while. Notice what you notice. Should any limiting beliefs pop up, weed them from that fertile soil. You don’t want to grow that as a crop.

Spend some moments expanding your awareness of the possible future seed growth. See what it is telling you it needs for growth. This may awaken you to actions to take during this growth/manifestation stage.

Spend time feeling emotionally what you have achieved with the mature and lovingly cultivated fruit of your planted seed. These feelings are the fertilizer to your seed planted in the field of potential.

Offer gratitude to the seed for its majestic potential ensconced in the small packet of itself, ready to burst forth into the fullness it is. This gratitude is the water to feed your seed.

And when this seed’s plant matures to its regal state of full fruition, share its fruits with others. In this giving you will also receive. Each person plants, cultivates and harvests their unique crop. Each crop is a necessary part of the whole, vital to the health of all.

Do not allow your field to lay fallow, or your seed of desire to expire. Show up fully with all your gift of your divine and unique seed potential. Plant. Cultivate. Harvest. Share. Manifest fully through this divine gift of the field of potential.

What will you choose to plant today?

Go in peace, with love and manifest potential,


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)