Today’s topic is a continuation of the thread on self-love.  Today we will address self-love, not from body perspective but from self-love through care of the mind and thoughts.

The mind

Our mind is a powerful force and has great effect upon the physical. All care, or self-love, toward the body is diminished by lack of care of the mind and its thoughts. How do you create self-care of your thoughts? There are many avenues.

Awareness of thoughts

Are your thoughts positive or negative?  Do they make you happy or sad?  Do you worry?

Watch your thoughts, without judgment but with discernment. Are they helping you?  How do they make you feel? Choose to discard those thoughts that don’t serve you. Allow only those thoughts which move you toward self-love and this love for others. It becomes easier with practice. Don’t give up.  Keep lovingly noticing and refocusing to create a lasting shift.

Use of the mind

Personal growth and self-love require study of materials to aid in self-development of the mind; to increase awareness of possibilities, to opening your heart and to being of service.

Read stories of others who have overcome personal tragedy, or of those who have found comfort in the Lord God.  Read stories of how we have control over our lives through control of our thoughts.

Filling the mind with the these types of stories raises our vibration, increases neural connections of joy, love and compassion, and allows us hope for a better future.

We see the possibility in our life to be like those in the stories. We resonate with some aspect of their journey and triumphs and know that we too have that capacity.  And so grows compassion in our heart and with that love.  Soon we desire to fill more of our waking hours in activity which positively serves us on a mental/mind level. It increases the health of our mind, directing our thoughts to a more positive benefit.

Begin with one book, it will lead to others. Meet and converse with others who are on the same mind training quest. Share your findings and you will uplift one another.

Benefits of a healthy mind

As you care for your mind and thoughts, you uplift them to a level of positive vibration which serves to increase your capacity for self-love. Manage the mind and you will manage your thoughts. The more control you have over your thoughts, the more control you have over how others affect your thoughts. This is self-love in caring for the mind.  A healthy mind can go great distance toward keeping a healthy body.

A channeled Message – January 24, 2015




You know how sometimes you are searching for an answer to a question, and you’re not sure where to turn for insight?  Have you ever turned inward,…given yourself quiet moments away from the busy world?   Well, I have.  In those quiet moments I feel a connection to source and channel enlightened messages from my spirit guides.  I share these insightful messages with you in hope they may shine a loving light of compassion over your day and bring peace to your soul.

Wishing you many blessings always,