Kerry: Dearest Guides and Teachers in the highest light, I ask your presence. What is your message today?

Spirit: We are here, with you, Dear One. listen to these words today …

The beauty of self-care… it is always available to you. It is within your ability to decide in any moment how and when you will choose to care for yourself.

Self-care is like practicing a hygiene for your energy and overall health. Just as you would not miss a day brushing your teeth, so you would not want to go without self-care of some form on a daily basis.

Small tasks, performed in mere minutes, can serve as self-care. Two minutes of deep breathing to slow and center yourself. Ensuring that you eat what you need, when you need.

Make time for uplifting social encounters which inspire and encourage you. Laughter. Setting boundaries for healthy relationships, be it personal, family or work.

Allow for creative moments; listen to music, sing, garden, create art, cook, paint. Do what makes your heart sing and brings you joy.

To care for self is to also care for your emotions. Notice what feelings are calling to come forth. Allow those feelings to express. This creates a movement of energy, serving to clear stuck points, allowing for a rising new perspective resulting from processing emotion.

When sad, allow the tears to flow. Feel fully the emotion, allowing it to move through you and out.

Feel fully the anger of betrayal or wrongs done. In a safe and appropriate space, speak your anger, even yell, allowing it to move through you and out into the universe to be recycled into another useful element.

Even allow expansion of feelings of happiness and joy. Laugh out loud. Move your body to the rhythm of joy. Vibrate outward the frequency of joy that others too may share in it.

To feel, to process, to honor your emotions is to cure your energy field. It is something you alone can do, at any time, and in any place.

An element of self-care can also be in caring for your environment. Create a visually appealing space to spend your time within what you call home.

Engage in the care of the nature environment wherever you are. Be in harmony with nature, creating a setting beneficial to Mother Earth and all her creatures within which you live a symbiotic relationship. This is a self-care which extends externally to you but is within and connects to your energy field.

Take care of self, that you are replenished and available to serve in the wider world. That is your calling.

Go in Peace and Love.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)