Kerry: Dearest Guides in the highest light, be with me today and share your message.

Spirit: We are with you Dear One.

Today, more than ever, mindfulness is the key to peace. How will you choose to engage your mind in the most fruitful pursuits?

You have choice. You can choose what thoughts to allow or even create. Treat your mind as a television with different channels, full of many diverse programs . You choose the channel to observe. When the message is not high quality or beneficial, just change the channel to another which is.

You have choice over what material your receiver picks up from external sources. Do not allow unhelpful information to flood your mind needlessly.

Limit and qualify what you choose to watch, listen to and even with whom you interact. Aim to collect or experience uplifting, true and helpful information, from sources and people with heart centered higher intentions for the good of all.

Purposefully seek out uplifting materials. Be it poetry, literature, song, or movie. Look for messages of good, examples of good that already exist in this world. Allow those to uplift your spirit and open your heart chakra.

The world needs more than ever a great many people vibrating at this higher love frequency to aid in the vibrational uplifting of all humanity. Be an active participant of this movement.

A daily, or even hourly, practice of uplifting your energy field not only contributes to the collective but serves to cultivate more neural connections of love, joy and happiness. It is like building muscle through exercise. And with each practice it becomes easier and more the normal state of being.

Learn to recognize how you feel in your body when allowing input of lower vibration information. Once you recognize what is happening then you are empowered to choose something better in its place. It requires diligent attention to not fall back into old habits.

Think of your mind as a home. You’re watchful to not track in dirt. House cleaning is a regular activity to clear any spills, dust or dirt. And garbage is regularly taken out.

Your mind is like this house. Pay attention to its state of array. Intentionally keep it clean from refuse. Bring in what uplifts the spirits and pleases the eyes.

And share what you have learned with others. When you see their house of thoughts in disarray, share what has helped you find peace. Be an instrument of higher vibration information exchange in the world. You will benefit hundred fold.

Go in peace, Love, and charity


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)