Kerry: Dearest Guides in the highest light, be with me today to share your message.

Spirit: We are with you Dear One. Prepare to receive our message today.

Joy. Glee. Delight. These may be the most restorative expressions of emotion to experience. How easily we forget the medicative benefits of experiencing happy expressions.

What is joy? It is a pure open hearted expressing of loving energy. In joy there is no withholding. No judgement. There is only pure expression of a happiness so divine that it can barely be contained.

Joy when expressed spreads out affecting others with its high vibrations, sharing a delightful form of love. When joy is expressed, there is no barrier it cannot begin to break down. Being in the presence of joy warms the heart and brings smiles to faces.

Imagine if achieving, feeling and expressing joy were a daily exercise. All energy would shift toward a way of being with love and acceptance toward all. It buoys hope of those in despair. It cracks open a font of happiness for the depressed. It cools and soothes the heat of angry hearts. It opens the love font and melts the stress of daily living.

How can you add joy to your daily practice? Begin with finding what delights you. What can you experience with your senses which gives you a sense of delight? Find a scent you enjoy which may kindle fond memories. A picture of a loved one. The feel of a texture that you love. The sound of a musical instrument or a song that puts a smile on your face. A movement of your body which brings you delight.

Add a touch of glee to this mix. Glee is the happiness in an unexpected moment or event. It is pure delight at the unexpected. It has a forward movement to it, reaching out into the future. An awareness of new possibilities. A new way of being is not only possible but is available now and for always. Glee is momentary and forever. Glee is the sheer surprise and excitement of possibilities in action.

What can give you glee? Observe the smiling face of a happy infant. Watch the innocent play of kittens or puppies. Dance to your favorite happy music. Laugh heartily with friends. Allow for this pure, unadulterated glee to encompass your heart.

A daily dose of glee interspersed with moments of delight are the formula for joy. To expand the joy in your life, share it with others. For as you give joy away you receive even greater joy, ever expanding.

Remind yourself daily to open to joy, experience delight and revel in glee. And share the high level, uplifting emotional state of joy with others.

Bring joy to the world.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)