Kerry: Dearest Guides in the highest light, be with me today and share your message.

Spirit: We are here Dear One. Open to hearing our message.

Divine Light. What is Divine Light and how may it help you in your daily life? Let’s explore this.

Of what kind of light do we speak? Light comes from many sources. There is the man made light of electricity; through lightbulbs, light fixtures, lamps and flashlights. There is natural light; be it the from luminescent process of some animal life, reflected light as with the moon, or that blessed light that gives life…the sun.

There is another light which is just another form of energy. It may not always be perceptible to the human eye but is often recognized through intuitive sensing.

Have you ever encountered someone who seems to glow, who you would describe as a bright light? Why describe them this way? Are they truly glowing, emitting a visual light you can see? Likely not. Yet you sense an energy full with the vibration you equate to light. Why is this?

You are sensing being, whether you’ve been consciously taught this or not. You can often, in first impression, sense the vibrational frequency of another as higher or lower, if you do not engage the egoic thinking mind which can get in the way.

Every body emits a vibrational frequency and that frequency can change with thought patterns and emotional states. Minding your thoughts, awareness of your emotional states, and regular personal growth work to heal triggers, allows you to inhabit regularly a higher vibrational state of peace, calm and love.

Others may sense this as a lighter (as in less heavy or dense) state and they are drawn to it like moths to a light shining in the dark night. This is the light people are referring to.

So, what is Divine Light? This can be thought of as light (and energy) of a cosmic source. This is the fluidic source of energy present everywhere and in everything. It is fully accessible for your use.

In many religions divine beings and saintly persons are represented with a halo of light around their heads. They were recognized as enlightened beings. Full with light. Emanating a divine light.

And you may wonder how did they attain this state? Is this an attainable state for you too? Yes, it is. You are created as a divine being and anything is possible.

How can one access Divine Light? By going to its source. Because this divine light is every where and in every thing, it is most certainly within you.

Regular practice of quieting the mind and going inward provides access to this gift. Go to your heart chakra. You can access this feeling of Divine Light vibration when you think of someone or something you love. The heart expands. Notice the feeling, the energy of this expansion.

When you can expand this, ever outward, you will sense the connection to all Divine Light, in all things. When you can sit within this field, connected to all, being at one with all, this is the place of miracles. Sit in it. Bath in it. Swim in it regularly.

This Divine and Holy Light is one with Love. If you can walk within a field of Divine Light, in this oneness of Love, all day and every day then you will have reached this saintly state. is it possible? Yes. Is it easy? Not likely. But it is a regal goal and one worth making time for.

Any point along the path from your current state toward one of sainthood, that elevated state of lightness of being, is a move in the right direction. Every step forward is a step toward peace, wholeness and Love.

Honor yourself daily with time to go inward. Connect with your heart chakra in thoughts of Love and expand it outward. Become one with this Divine Light available to all. Vibrate at this higher frequency of Love.

Go with Love in your heart and peace on your lips.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)