Kerry: Dearest Guides and Teachers in the highest light, please be with me today and share your wisdom.

Spirit: Dear One, we are with you, as always. Listen to our tome.

Wisdom comes from many sources. You can search for wisdom outside of yourself. This can be useful.

Look to Mother Earth and her wisdom of creation and maintenance of balance. Though nature may at times appear destructive, it is in the destruction which allows the new to be born.

You can watch the recycling of materials, out of something old will be formed the new. Look to forest fires or volcanic activity and you can see the new life created within a relatively short time, be it new plant life and return of fauna, or creation of new terra.

Look to the wisdom of Mother Nature in her balance of all things when left to her own devices.

One can also look externally to wisdom from elders, or from those more experienced in some practice or way of being.

This can be helpful to shortening your learning curve and exposing you to information you may not have ascertained on your own. Learning from other greats allows you to stand upon their shoulders and more easily reach the heights. And you in turn will likewise share your combined knowledge for the benefit of others. This is evolution in process.

The greatest and most true wisdom lies within your own self, and you have ready access 24/7. What wisdom is this?

There is the wisdom of the body, the knowing of your intuition, and the connection to your Spirit guidance. When you develop and regularly practice connection to these internal sources of wisdom that are true for you, you essentially enter your storehouse of riches. You gain the ability to access these riches to your benefit and the benefit of all others. because of course, all are connected. All are One.

Connection to your body wisdom alerts you to imbalances in your own system. Listening to these messages and acting on them to right balance maintains your health, to be more whole and vital.

In decision making, asking the body’s response will tell you what is true and right for you on your path. The body knows. The body never lies. Use this wisdom to make right decisions for yourself.

Intuition is that wisdom which comes from the unknown. Is it your higher self? Is it from accumulated knowledge in this life or past? Is it knowledge assisted by our Spirit guides tapping us on the shoulder in the moment?

Learning to trust intuition is assisted in combination with body wisdom. Typically an intuitive hit will had an embodied feeling of right, even without any conscious knowledge of why. The experience of following intuitive hits and resulting beneficial consequences will build your trust in that source of wisdom.

Accessing wisdom via your Spirit guides is possible for anyone, for everyone. When born into this world we forget our mission and agreement of lessons to be learned. Our most loving, highest light Spirit guides remember our agreement. They see the highest purpose of our incarnation and help to guide us gently and lovingly on our path.

We must be open and willing to communicate with them . We can always ask for assistance. We must also remember to LISTEN for guidance as this informs the beneficial actions we are to take. Open to this source of divine and loving wisdom. Know you are supported. Feel the divine love Spirit has for you always, in times of joy and in times of challenge.

Balance your life choices with wisdom accessed within and without. Measure incoming information for what is true for you via your body wisdom. Know there is never a wrong choice. All aids your learning and growth.

Go forth and become the divine being you have come here to be. Use all your internal resources to best advantage for your evolution. Serve the world in this way. It is enough.

Go in Love, Peace, and Harmony.


(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)