Kerry: Dearest Guides and Teachers in the highest light, share with me today your message.

Spirit: We are here Dear One. And this we want to share…..

You are a divine creation of the One.

Stop the worry over whether you are fulfilling your soul purpose. Simply by existing and in your actions you are fulfilling a purpose, your unique purpose.

It may not always be pretty. You may be acting in a difficult way or delivering an unsavory message to another. This is your purpose as an actor/teacher in another’s ‘play’. You serve the purpose of bringing something to their attention which they could not see in the vacuum of being by themself.

This does not give license to use cruel words or behave violently or aggressively. But you may show up authentically, sharing your perspective, beliefs, and feelings. This is your gift, your purpose.

As you walk your life path, you have experiences and make choices. There are NO wrong choices. All choices aid in future decision points.

Review of past choices allows you to detect patterns in behavior. When unhelpful patterns are recognized, you have the benefit of knowing then what areas are ripe for personal healing and growth work. Thus, all decisions made provide useful information and purpose.

Your work is to be attentive. Allow time for reflection. Make time for healing.

Your life purpose need not be something grand. Each person serves in their way the greater whole of human evolution. Some show up to be seen on a larger stage. Others affect on a scale that is closer to home. One way is not better than the other. All serve.

Even were you to affect positive change in one person (even if that person is YOU) this creates a ripple effect over time which can be immeasurable. Trust that the simple and sometimes arduous task of showing up authentically as the unique you and doing your personal growth work IS your purpose. Show up. Be you.

Many want to know what direction to point themselves. They effectively desire a compass for decision making. Allow this compass to be your heart, powered by the divine energy of Love. Create all that you do with the intention and divine energy of Love. This will always lead you on the highest path and save you from the longer detours of difficult lessons. Connect with your heart. Feel Love. Act from Love.

Have faith that your path is divine. You are supported and guided by higher powers should you choose to listen. Know that you are loved as a divine child created by the One.



(Spirit Guide channeled by Kerry Cadambi, with the purpose of sharing messages of love, hope and healing, encourage inspired action, and open minds as to what is possible and what part they have in creating a better world.)